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Gold ~in~ Quartz
Gold Bearing Quartz is one of the world's rarest forms of natural gold. It is found underground by hard rock miners in only a few locations in the world. Most of the World's production comes from a handful of mines in Northern California. This unique formation of very difficult to find "POCKETS" of GOLD in QUARTZ is being mined 1500 to 2500 below the earth's surface. The natural veins of gold were formed with the by hydrothermal pressure deep within the earth millions of years ago. The quartz comes in various colors and sometimes contains other minerals. Pearl white is considered the most desirable and is used in jewelry. When the quartz contains a rare gold dispersion, an exquisite piece of jewelry can be created. The quartz rocks are cut into slabs to expose the veins. These slabs are then hand cut and polished into stones. The stones are then set into specific14kt To 18kt designs to enhance the natural flow of the gold and enhance their beauty. Each gemstone of quartz crystal is a one of a kind.

Questions and Answers about Gold in Quartz

What is gold in quartz?

It's a gold bearing quartz deposit.

Where can it be found?

In underground mines containing quartz deposits it can be found up to 3000 feet below the earth. It is usually in areas were gold nuggets have been found. You will also find it near the earth's surface in those same areas by metal detectors when the same area has been affected by erosion.

How was it formed?

All quartz at one time was very hot water and as these hot waters were forced up to the earths surface from boiling pressures, the water passed areas of solid gold deep in the earth, melted as it passed by and carried the gold toward the surface. The Quartz solidified with the gold as it cooled, as it neared the surface. In some area's the Gold became trapped and formed "Pockets" at Vein intersection's and places where the gold bearing veins made contact with impermeable type of rock, (such as Slates and Serpentine) known as "Contact zones" or "Contacts" to Miner's and Geologist's.

How is it made into Jewelry?

They take the gold bearing quartz specimens and cut them into slabs using a diamond saw. Then they trace out the shape of the stone, picture framing the veins of gold and cut out the shape with a diamond band saw. From there they grind the sides of the stone until it fits the exact shape of the pieces of jewelry. The top of the stone is then shaped using a diamonds wheel and then polished for shine.

Does it come in different grades?

Though there is no official grading system, supply and demand seem to determine the whiter quartz with great patterns of gold are the rarest and most sought after. The quartz will very from a dull gray to paper white. You have to compare the difference and determine which ones you like the best.

Do the gold mines charge different price?

Yes the whiter the quartz and the better the gold pattern the more they charge. There is very limited supply of higher grade available and the mines recently raised the price 37%. Because there is a lot of lower quality gray, material it can be purchase at lower prices, as much as one-fifth the price of the premium.

What about the specks seen in the quartz?

Natural creations will often have other mineral mixed with the quartz. They often add character to the piece and prove it's natural.

Is it expensive?

What determines the price of Gold in quartz is the cost it takes to mine underground and the amount of labor to remove the specimen in order to preserve it for jewelry use. Each piece of jewelry is then handcrafted and sold based on it beauty and rarity as a gemstone and not the gold content.

Is it durable?

Yes, it has endured to events associated with underground mining (dynamite) and a hardener is often added to increase it durability. Though very few piece are ever damaged make sure you receive a warranty against breakage.

Is it rare?

Gold bearing quartz, of jewelry grade is being mined in only a few locations in the world at this time, making it the most RARE form of natural gold jewelry around. Due to the high cost of mining very little high grade material is available.

Can it be man made?

The answer is yes but we believe it looks phony, cheap, fake and has no value. We suggest you ask for a certificate of authenticity from a reputable store.

Can it be put in my existing piece of jewelry?

Yes!  We can replace other stones in jewelry with elegant gold in quartz!

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